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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Zhivopisny Bridge
One of the most beautiful bridges in Russia is the Zhivopisny Bridge (lit. the picturesque bridge). In Europe, it is the tallest cable-stayed bridge, and in Moscow, it is one of the bright sights. From afar, a ball hanging above the bridge's vault catches the eye.

A Zhivopisny Bridge was built recently. The competition was held in the early 2000s. The architects had the task to combine the three shores of Moscow at once. After a long and hard work, the bridge was opened in 2007.

The parameters of the Zhivopisny Bridge are one and a half kilometers long, forty meters wide and 105 meters high. The length of the main span is more than four hundred meters, so the ships calmly swim under it. Such a construction of the bridge no longer occurs in the world. An ellipsoid with a viewing platform was built in the upper part. The bridge has eight lanes for traffic: four on each side.

The observation deck of the Zhivopisny Bridge is located at a height of almost one hundred meters above the water, became the highlight of the structure. People call it a UFO.

The glass ellipsoid hangs under the arch, like a huge bead. The restaurant that was supposed to hang on the bridge did not appear. According to the official version, the architects could not arrange a sewage system at the top. In addition, the design is experiencing a strong vibration from wind and vehicle movement.

The Zhivopisny Bridge looks great at any time of the day. The bridge offers stunning views of the Krylatsky hills and the fabulous forests of Serebryanny Bor.

The Zhivopisny Bridge deserves to be seen live. To get to it, you need to go along Marshal Zhukov Avenue. The exact address of the Zhivopisny Bridge is Krasnopresnensky Avenue.

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