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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Watercolour Train in Moscow Metro
The "Watercolor" train is a unique picture gallery, which is also a daily transport for Moscow citizens. The idea of this particular train (which started on June 1, 2007, on Children's Day), is to acquaint Moscow citizens and guests with the creativity of the students of the Moscow State Specialized School of Watercolor of Sergei Andriyaki.
The works of the participants have passed a very strict competitive selection - in fact, the passengers of the Moscow metro have only to see the best! In addition to children's art, works by the Artistic Director of the School of watercolor, the People's Artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaki are shown in the exhibition.
On the outside, the train is also unusual - for its sides were selected bright floral themes. Instead of gray cars, they became multicolored. They were decorated with watercolor peonies, chrysanthemums and chamomiles - each of the 10 wagons has an individual, unique appearance.

A few words about the interior: Here you will see cherry, blue, gray, olive and brown shades of the floor and the upholstery of the sits. According to the authors' intention, the interior view of the car should be mostly approximated to the interior of the exhibition hall.

The train runs daily on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. In our experience, you can see the train from Molodezhnaya about 8:30 am. The time accuracy can be + -5 minutes, so arrive at the station in advance.
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