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Sights to see 24.08.2019
Vitali Fountain
Built in 1835, the Vitali Fountain is the oldest fountain in Moscow. It has miraculously survived the Revolution and the WWII which is a wonder in itself.
The fountain was sculptured by Ivan Vitali, a Russian sculptor with Italian roots.
The structure of the fountain is quite interesting. It has two smaller basins on a pedestal and a larger one on the ground. Surrounding the pedestal, are four figures of putti (cupids) that are also allegories of comedy, tragedy, poetry, and music.

While today Vitali Fountain serves purely decorative purposes, in older times it was used to supply water to the locals — as much as 17,000 buckets a day. Note also the four lion-head outlets at the bottom — those were used to water horses.

In 1995, the fountain was extensively reconstructed for Moscow’s 850th anniversary celebrations.

Centrally located in the Theater Square, close to the Bolshoi Theater, the massive beautiful structure always gets a lot of attention. At night, with the LED lighting, Vitali Fountain looks especially gorgeous.
Note that the fountain operates from May to September.

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