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Sights to see 22.08.2019
The Russian Valenki Museum
From time immemorial, Valenki (felt boots) is an integral part of the Russian costume, the Russian way of life, the Russian winter and even the Russian character.

Valenki are comfortable and healing shoes. Most severe frosts are not terrible when you wear Valenki. Pure sheep wool, felted by the warm hands of a master, gives a person strength and peace of mind.

These unique shoes - without a beginning, end bases, without a seam, without a scar - were held in high esteem in Russia at every rank and class.

The "Russian Valenki" museum is the only one in Moscow where you can learn a lot about such a commonplace subject and realize its full significance.

The museum presents a variety of models: from the painted end of the 19th century to the unique designer boots of the 21st century.

Today, felt boots return themselves the love of citizens and for fashion designers - this is the actual object of creativity.

The museum also has a shop where you can buy felt boots and other products from sheep wool.

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