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Sights to see 04.09.2019
The RAS Observation Deck
The RAS Observation deck - near the new building of the Russian Academy of Sciences there is a small observation deck located at an altitude of 60 meters.

It offers a wonderful view of the Academy of Sciences, St. Andrew's Monastery, a monument to Yuri Gagarin and the embankments of the Moscow River.

Then you can see the magnificent skyscrapers of the Moscow City business center and the spire of Moscow State University. To the left you will see the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, to the right - the Kremlin towers surrounded by cathedrals.

Some argue that from here some objects can be seen even better than from the Vorobievy Hills. The view of the city from the site near the RAS is really amazing, and there are only few visitors.

The site is open around the clock, for free. ⭕Getting to the observation deck is easy. It is only necessary to walk about 700 meters from the Leninsky Prospekt metro station towards the Russian Academy of Sciences past the tall monument to Yuri Gagarin.

Leninsky Prospect, 32, lit. A, p. 1
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