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Sights to see 04.09.2019
Gilyarovsky Center (the Museum of Moscow)
The Gilyarovsky Center is the youngest branch of the Museum of Moscow. It was opened on December 8, 2017. Its opening was connected to the birthday of Vladimir Gilyarovsky, as well as to the 121st anniversary of the Museum of Moscow.

Everything that the center does is inspired by the personality of Vladimir Gilyarovsky, writer, journalist and is closely connected with the city and its inhabitants.

The center of Gilyarovsky is a cozy mansion in Stoleshnikov Lane, where something interesting constantly happens: exhibition projects, lectures, master classes, workshops for children, theatrical productions about the city, its history and modernity, about the inhabitants of Moscow, their feelings and thoughts.

Moscow architects, legendary writers and artists, representatives of different urban communities become not just museum visitors, but also co-authors of projects.

The center of Gilyarovsky actively enters the city, inviting for fascinating walks in Moscow.

The team of people who work here strives to make the Gilyarovsky Center a vibrant urban space, interesting both Muscovites and guests of the capital, without exception.

Stoleshnikov lane, 9/5, Moscow
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