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Sights to see 20.11.2019
The Epiphany Cathedral at Yelokhovo
Located in a 5-minute walk from Baumanskaya metro station, is a beautiful pale-green cathedral with golden domes towering over it. It is the vicarial church of the Moscow Patriarchs — the Yelokhovo Cathedral where Patriarchs Alexius II and Sergius I are buried. Before the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was restored, it had been the main church of Moscow.

It was also here that the world-famous Russian poet Pushkin was baptized (in the original building).

The current building is almost 175 years old and it is simply gorgeous — inside and out. Spacious and full of light, it is lavishly decorated with gold and elaborate frescoes.

One of the cathedral’s gems is the icon of Our Lady of Kazan — people from all over Russia come here to worship the icon.

The Cathedral is very well-kept and has a neat surrounding area. But what is more important is the truly serene and peaceful vibe of the church — it has that special “prayed-in” feeling. The staff is very friendly and helpful, too.

Visiting the Epiphany Cathedral is a great way to feel the spirit of a true Russian orthodox church.
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