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Sights to see 26.08.2019
The Commode-House
On Pokrovka street in Moscow there are many interesting buildings, but one mansion stands out among them for its uniqueness, architectural features and history. We are talking about the famous chest of drawers, which is the only building in the Russian capital in the Baroque-Rastrelli style, more familiar to St. Petersburg.

The construction of The Manor of Apraksin-Trubetsky family was completed in 1766. Unfortunately, the story did not preserve the name of the architect. Obviously, the creator of the house was a fan of B. Rastrelli's architectural school. In the appearance of the building, baroque features are clearly discerned: an abundance of molding, decor, columns, the desire to give the structure a more rounded appearance.

The first owner of the comode-house was General S. Apraksin. In 1772, he sold the building to the princely family of the Trubetskoys. The aristocratic family owned the building for 90 years. The people even added the prefix “Commode” to the surname of the princes.

Tourists should take a closer look at the walls of the house. The architectural complexity of the palace is amazing. Using a system of columns and ledges, the architect managed to achieve a single composition: it seems that the building consists of one endless wall, without angular gaps.

The interior of the building, unfortunately, did not reach us in its original form: everything was destroyed by a severe fire. Nevertheless, tourists will be interested to see the recreated decoration of the magnificent premises of the palace. In the central hall may well compete with the interiors of the Winter Palace.

The commode-house was visited by people who became the pride of Russian culture. It is enough to say that A.S. Pushkin visited here several times, and another great Russian poet, F.I. Tyutchev also visited the Trubetskoy princes.

In 1960, the house was completely restored according to the drawings of the 18th century. The building is an object of cultural heritage of Russia.

Pokrovka str, 22
Metro Chkalovskaya, Kurskaya, Chistye Prudy

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