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Sights to see 21.08.2019

 There are 7 absolutely identical tall buildings in Moscow: 2 hotels, 2 administrative buildings, 2 residential buildings and a university. In English, this ensemble is called Seven Sisters, and in Russian simply - Stalinskaya Visotka/Stalinka (lit. Stalin skyscrapers).The style in which skyscrapers are built is called the Stalin Gothic.

All Stalin skyscrapers in Moscow were built in ten years (1947-1957).

Historically established, Joseph Stalin wanted eight grandiose high-rise buildings erected in Moscow, symbolizing the hero-city 800th anniversary. In the fall of September 7, 1947, at 13:00, in different places of Moscow, they started laying the “first stone” at the base of eight Soviet skyscrapers.

However, only seven were built. It was decided to stop work on the eighth Stalin skyscraper immediately after the leader’s death, and the Hotel Russia appeared later on the foundation. It was dismantled in 2007, and Zaradye park later appeared.

All Stalin skyscrapers in Moscow were built according to a unified concept: a broad base, a stepped pyramid, pointed spires and motifs of the Kremlin towers. Land for the construction of Soviet skyscrapers was huge.

1️⃣ The first was built a skyscraper on Smolenskaya Square for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The architecture of the MFA building is characterized by restraint and is the only Stalin skyscraper, which lacks a five-pointed star, since the fragile spire of the building could not withstand its weight and wind loads at a height of 172 meters.
2️⃣ The smallest Stalin skyscraper is Hotel "Leningradskaya", complementing the concept of Komsomolskaya Square. Its interior was executed in the style of Moscow Baroque. Hotel architects were deprived of Stalin's awards.
3️⃣ Then the architectural appearance of Moscow was supplemented by the Stalin skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment. The building blends harmoniously into the landscape on the Moskva and Yauza rivers. Total number of apartments reached 700.
4️⃣ Stalinka on Kudrinskaya Square in Moscow received the nickname "Gastronom". As in the building on Kotelnicheskaya, there are shops, a cinema, and garages. The facade of the building is decorated with many sculptures and bas-reliefs.
5️⃣ The exit from the Krasniye Vorota metro station is located in another high-rise building on the Sadovoe ring. In Soviet times, the Ministry of Transport Construction occupied this building. There were both the offices of ministry workers and residential apartments. The three buildings of the house are not connected with land crossings or attics, only the basement is common to them.
6️⃣ Moscow Skyscraper hotel "Ukraine" is located at the beginning of Kutuzovsky Prospect. It has a very good location: the beginning of the Kutuzovsky Prospect laid out just in the post-war years, and the embankment of the Moscow River with a pier. This made the hotel extremely attractive for tourists, and the interior impressed with its magnificence.
7️⃣ The highest among the Stalin skyscrapers is the main building of Moscow State University on the Vorobievy Hills. The silhouette of Moscow State University is visible at a great distance and has become one of the symbols of Moscow.
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