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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Few Muscovites know about its existence, because it is hidden from the eyes of passers-by, while being in the very center. Passing through Tverskaya, be sure to take a look at the arch of the house №6.

You will see a beautiful monument of architecture, which was built in 1907 by architect Kuznetsov in a fabulous Russian style with decorative elements of Baroque and Art Nouveau. Compound - apartment house of Savvinsky monastery.

Interestingly, until 1937 it was located directly on Tverskaya. In the years 1938-1940. Houses on the even side of the street were to be transferred to the north. Many buildings were ruthlessly demolished, but Savvinsky was lucky - with the help of a special technology developed by engineer Handel, it was moved into the depths of the block to a new foundation. It is hard to imagine, but the building weighing 23 thousand tons was moved on the night of November 4, 1939. ⁉️ And, which is absolutely surprising, without the relocation of its residents.

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