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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Prospect Mira Metro Station
Prospect Mira Metro station got its name in honor of Mir Avenue, at the very beginning of which the station is located.

Until June 20, 1966, the station was called Botanichesky sad (the Botanical Garden) - after the nearby Moscow State University Botanical Garden. The decoration of the station is dedicated to the development of agriculture in the USSR.

The walls are lined with dark red Ural marble. The floor is lined with black and gray granite. The ground lobby was built into a high-rise residential building on Mir Avenue. The facade of the lobby is decorated with sculptures and original clocks.

One of the sculptures - Fertility, is a statue of a girl carrying a basket full of fruits on her shoulder. Interesting fact, the original statue was not preserved: the temperature and humidity changes destroyed the concrete girl so much that she was dismantled and soon lost. “Fertility” returned to its rightful place only in 2016. A new statue was made in the workshop "Kitezh" with help of archival photos.

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