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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Paveletsky Railway Station
Paveletsky railway station was built by the project of the famous architect A. Krasovsky under the supervision of the chief engineer V.V. Timofeeva on September 1,1900, in Moscow.

The building of the station was done in the style that was inherent in that time: the symmetry of the structure in relation to the raised central part, the arrangement of tall windows, and the creation of convenient entrances.

Originally, the station was called "Saratovsky" because of the fact that the management of the Ryazan-Ural road was in Saratov, only in the post-war time the station received its current name in the village of Pavelets,
Ryazan region.

Pavelets is a city-type settlement in the Skopinsky district of the Ryazan region of Russia with a population of 1980 people (on 2010). Development of the village is associated with the construction in 1900 of the station of the Ryazan-Ural railway named after the nearby village (at the end of the 19th century there were several thousand inhabitants and the church in this

The name of the village is supposedly associated with the name of the first owner of the land or the first settler (Pavelets on behalf of Pavel).

The railway station is located on Paveletskaya Square, 1 (metro Paveletskaya). ✈️From here you can go to Domodedovo Airport by Aeroexpress.

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