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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Park Pobedy
At the exit at the Park Pobedy station, on Poklonnaya Hill Victory Park is located. Victory park is one of the largest memorial complexes in Russia and in the world, covering an area of 135 hectares, is dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. It was opened on May 9, 1995 to the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory.

The territory of the park has 13 unique memorials all around the area. Here are some of them:

Victory Monument

An obelisk with a height of 141.8 meters rises on Victory Square. This figure reminds of 1418 days and nights of the Great
Patriotic War. A bronze figure of the goddess of victory Nika with two angels is attached to the hundred-meter mark. At the foot of
the obelisk on the granite podium is installed a statue of St. George the Victorious, who is hitting a snake with a spear. Both sculptures were made by Zurab Tsereteli.

Victory Museum

The museum is also located on Victory Square. It was founded in 1993 on the initiative of veterans and opened on May 9, 1995. In the museum building, 50 thousand exhibits are stored, including paintings, sculptures and posters about the Great Patriotic War.

The museum is equipped with the “Book of Memory” - a search system in which you can find information about the missing people. The exposition of the museum continues in the open air in Victory Park, where samples of military equipment are presented: tanks, airplanes, German combat vehicles.

Temple of St. George

The Church of St. George the Victorious was founded on December 9, 1993 by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II and consecrated by him on May 6, 1995. The temple is made in the Russian style with elements of modernism, its shrine is part of the relics of St. George, transferred from Jerusalem in 1998.

Memorial mosque

The mosque was opened on September 6, 1997 on the day of the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow in memory of the Muslims who died in the Great Patriotic War. Architect Ilyas Tazhiev united elements of various architectural schools of the Muslim East in design: Tatar, Uzbek, Caucasian.

Memorial Synagogue and Holocaust Museum

The memorial synagogue was built according to the project of Israel by
architect Moshe Zahri and was opened on September 2, 1998. Its exposition is dedicated to the Jews who died because of Nazi repression. Sculptural composition

"The Tragedy of the Nations"

The monument was built in 1997 in memory of the victims of the fascist genocide. Its author - Zurab Tsereteli - depicted similar naked people with shaved heads. The figures stand in line for death, the first three of which are: a woman closing eyes to a child, and a man who obscures the boy.

In addition, Victory Park is a popular place for winter and summer holidays for citizens and guests of the capital. Many Moscow families keep memorable photos taken on their wedding day at the Newlyweds Alley of Park.

You can explore Victory Park on a excursion train. The park works 24/7.

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