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Sights to see 25.08.2019
Palace of Agriculture in Kazan
The Agricultural Palace in no doubt one of the most impressive landmarks in Kazan. Adjacent to the Kremlin and the Kazanka River (aka Palace) Embankment, it houses the headquarters of the Tatarstan’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The building boasts a luxurious monumental exterior combining elements of Baroque, Classicism and Modernism architectural styles. Incorporated in the middle of the gorgeous façade, is a massive 20-meter bronze tree. The palace is surrounded by a lovely park with manicured lawns, tidy paved paths and cozy benches. Impressive enough in the daylight, with the night lighting, the building is plain magnificent!

The most striking thing about the Agricultural Palace is that, although it appears to be built centuries ago, in fact it is only less than 15 years old! Breathtaking as it is, the palace was not welcomed by everyone. Many complained about it being too close to the Kremlin and ‘not in tune’ with it. The emotions the palace causes range from absolute rapture to pure indignation.

Anyway, the Agricultural Palace attracts visitors like a magnet and most tourists adore it! So do not hesitate to add it to your must-see-in-Kazan list!

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