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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Ostankino Tower
Built in 1967, Ostankino Tower is one of the most famous symbols of Moscow. It is also the tallest free-standing building in Europe. Its total height is 540 meters, and the building is somewhat of an architectural surprise. It is a TV and radio tower transmitting the signals of 23 TV channels and dozens of radio stations.

On 27 August 2000 the tower caught fire , killing four people. Television and radio signals were disrupted around Moscow. The fire broke out at a height of about 458 m (1,502.6 ft).

The failure of the fire suppression systems allowed the fire to destroy most of the tower's interior and triggered fears the tower might collapse. Efforts began immediately to rebuild the tower, which proved to be a long and expensive task.

In April 2009, the observation platform reopened. Now tourists can easily get inside the iconic Ostankino Tower: all they have to do is buy their tickets to the observation deck (having a passport is obligatory) . There is also a famous restaurant 'Sedmoye nebo" (lit."Severnth Sky") with incredible views of Moscow inside the tower, at the astonishing height of 330 meters. The floors are turning around by 360 degrees, so you will definetely see the whole Moscow.

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