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Sights to see 20.08.2019
Novoslobodskaya Station of Moscow Metro
Novoslobodskaya is the last of five metro stations designed by Dushkin. It was opened in 1952 as part of the fourth stage of construction of the Moscow metro - the construction of the Koltsevaya Line.

Novoslobodskaya is a pylon station. It would seem that such a constructive system (the use of heavy pylons, not elegant columns) dictates solemnly strict design. But in this case, the designers were able to create a light space that would lead the viewer (that is, an ordinary metro passenger) to the fabulous world.

Pylons station smoothly into the vaults. In the center of each pylon is stained glass, illuminated from the inside. Thanks to this, pylons visually dissolve in the numerous arches of stained glass windows, depicturing flowers in vases, fabulous plants and beautiful birds.

On the front wall there is a panel "World Peace", that depicts a mother with a baby who pulls her hands towards a dove. This mosaic miraculously survived to this day. At the direction of Khrushchev, it was decided to distroy the entire composition. But it was saved by placing a granite wall in front of it. Thus, the panel remained in the “bricked up” state for several years, until L.I. Brezhnev.

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