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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Museum-Reserve in Izmailovo
The museum-reserve complex in Izmailovo (Moscow) occupies the territory of the former residence of tsar Romanov Alexey Mikhailovich (Peter the Great’s father). This is a very calm and restful place located on a picturesque island in the middle of a pond.

The 17-19th century buildings are well-preserved, interpreted and signposted. They include the magnificent functioning Pokrovsky Cathedral where wedding ceremonies are still held, the unique Bridge Tower that offers a great view of the surroundings, heavy cast-iron gates, and some outbuildings.

The former estate boasts unique exhibits such as portraits of the Romanov dynasty tsars, the furniture, kitchen- and tableware of the time — both of the tsar family and their peasants.

The surrounding park with lime-trees and roses is beautiful and well-maintained. Once tired of the mega-city’s hustle and bustle, you can have a peaceful experience sitting on a bench near the pond or lying in the sun on a tidy lawn. There is also a boat rental station in the park.

The museum also holds thematic art exhibitions and costume tours.
In a walking distance from the reserve, there are other popular tourist attractions, such as the colorful Kremlin and the Vernissage (flea market) — also well worth visiting.

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