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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Moscow City
For more than 20 years, the most colossal architectural structure in Russian history has been rising on the left bank of the Moscow River.

The Moscow City is a place with more than 4 million square meters of real estate, about 22 large-scale facilities, 12 billion dollars of investment from private entrepreneurs and 25 years of work

On the bottom of towers there is a saturated 6th floor shopping center Afimall City going deep down and connecting to Moscow Metro.

Viewing Platforms of Moscow City

If you are tired of Moscow crowds and wish you could rise above the hustle and bustle, there is a great way to do so. Experience the stunning city views from Moscow City towers!

There are three towers in Moscow City that have viewing platforms: the Empire Tower, the OKO Tower and the 375-meter Federation (East) Tower which is the second tallest building in Russia (after the Lahta Center in Saint Petersburg now). The prices vary between 700 and 2000 rubles depending on the deck height (the higher you go, the higher the price ).

The Smotri City viewing platform in the Empire Tower is located on the 58th floor (200 meters high). At the entrance, they’ll take a photo of you against a huge poster with a night view of the city, so you could buy it on a magnet afterwards. (BTW, the magnets are of very good quality!)

The High Port 354 platform in the OKO Tower, is, as its name implies, situated at the height of 354 meters. (Just for your info, the Eiffel Tower viewing deck is only 300 m high.) This is the only OPEN platform among the three! But don’t worry, it is absolutely safe! And to keep yourself warm, you will be offered a blanket.

And finally, the Panorama 360 viewing platform in the 375-meter Federation Tower is on the 89th(!) floor where you will be lifted in just 50 seconds (watch your ears!) The tickets may seem a bit costly, but they include an excursion, a photo and ice-cream (that you can eat unlimited) There is also live piano music to help you enjoy the views to the fullest!

A small tip: Come sometime before sunset so you enjoy both the day and night views. And yes, the sunset/twilight views are the most stunning!

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