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Sights to see 15.07.2020
Luzhniki Stadium
Luzhniki is the largest stadium in Russia. It was opened in 1956. The stadium has undergone the largest reconstruction in its history. The appearance of the building has not changed - the facade has been preserved, but the "filling" has been completely changed. In the old walls managed to build an object twice as large.

Stadium Roof Walk

Take a look at Moscow from the roof of the Grand Sports Arena in Luzhniki.
Tickets are now cheaper, cost is 900 rubles (about 13$).
You can either join a group guided tour (upto 10 people) or take an individual one (cost is 200$).

During the tour you will:
- see the architectural expanses of the capital from a bird's eye view
- go to the football field
- learn more interesting facts about the main stadium of the country
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