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Sights to see 18.08.2019
Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge
Luzhnetsy Bridge is the longest metro Bridge in Moscow - The total length of the bridge is 2 km (2030 meters), and its width is 25.8 meters. The Luzhnetsky Bridge is thrown across the waters of the Moscow River and is an integral part of the Small Ring of the railway connecting Luzhniki to Berezhkovskaya Embankment.

The predecessor of the modern structure was the historical bridge, which was built during two years from 1905 to 1907. The greatest Russian engineer, bridge construction specialist Proskuryakov and Moscow architect Pomerantsev became the authors of the project. The solid bridge construction was named after Tsar Nicholas II, but in Soviet times the bridge was renamed Krasnoluzhsky for obvious reasons.

The old bridge, which existed for less than half a century, has not only undergone significant wear and tear, but has also ceased to meet the modern realities of carrying capacity and the flow of railway transport. It was decided to reconstruct it by replacing the old superstructure with a completely new one, but at the same time preserving the appearance of the old bridge.

By 2000, car traffic was open on the Luzhnetsky, or as it is also called, Luzhnikovsky Bridge, and in 2001, the subway began to go along the lower tier. The official opening of the station Vorobievy Gory (lit. Sparrow Hills) was held in 2002.

The capacity of the Vorobievy Gory station of the Moscow metro is not large and it is intended mainly for tourists. That is why, during football matches or mass shows at the Luzhniki stadium, the station usually closes, and neighbour Sportivnaya station takes over its functions.

The Vorobievy Gory station on the Luzhnetsky metro bridge is one of the few Moscow metro stations where you must not go downstairs, but go up. It is known for having the longest platform among the stations of the Moscow Metro. The length of the road bridge on the upper tier is more than 2 kilometers. From the metro bridge opens a delightful panoramic view of the Moscow River, the view of the Luzhniki, Vorobievy Gory St. Andrew monastery and the Academy of Sciences.

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