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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Kuskovo Summer Palace
Moscow and its suburbs are famous for ancient manors surrounded by magnificent parks. Country houses were situated in picturesque sites – near rivers, among forests and fields. While the extension of Moscow manors were included inside its borders but still stayed in their natural surroundings.

The owner of Kuskovo Manor was Sheremetev, Peter the First’s Count. The ensemble includes the main palace in Baroque style, the Porcelain Museum, more than 20 unique monuments of architecture, a huge dug out pond and a big landscape park.

Kuskovo was built for the reception of guests during summer time. Old traditions of hospitality are still honored here. Festivals, theatrical programs and concerts often take place in Kuskovo. The Museum is also licensed to hold Civil wedding ceremonies. A lot of newly-weds are walking down the park having their photo sessions.

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