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Sights to see 23.08.2019
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The famous ruby stars have not always crowned the five Kremlin towers. Initially, the towers were topped with golden two-headed eagles — the symbol of czarist Russia.

After the October Revolution, the question arose as to what to do with the eagles. It was resolved only in the 1930-s: the imperial symbols were to be replaced by Soviet ones — pentacle stars. The five points of the stars represented five continents that were supposed to be united by Communist ideas.

Many people don’t realize that the ruby glass stars that we see today are quite different from their first versions. The original stars were made of bronze and stainless steel and decorated with Ural precious stones each set in gold-plated silver. It took 250 best Russian jewelers and six weeks of work to make the emblems.

Unfortunately, these original stars lasted only 1.5 years: the stones lost its luster and, besides, the stars did not fit well into the Kremlin complex — they looked too big against the structure.

The new ruby stars were thought to the finest detail. Ensuring they always look perfectly red and bright and withstand all weather conditions was a challenging task. There was a lot of technology involved in the stars’ creation and to this day they require a lot of maintenance.

There have been a lot of talk about what to do with the Soviet symbols and whether they should be removed. The Russian Orthodox Church seems especially keen on taking them down and replacing with the eagles again. So, if you want to see the five legendary symbols before they are gone, you’d better hurry up!

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