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Knyaz Vladimir Monument
On November 4, 2016, a solemn ceremony was held in Moscow on the occasion of the opening of the monument to the holy Knyaz Vladimir.

The monument was raised on the initiative of the Russian Military Historical Society and had many disputes and discussions even before its construction began.

Knyaz Vladimir is known as the Baptist of Russia. Regarding the choice of faith, there is a legend, according to which Knyaz talked with representatives of different religions, but stopped at Christianity. The year of the baptism of Russia is 988.

The monument to Vladimir is installed on Borovitsky hill, its height together with the pedestal is 17.5 meters. The sculpture is made of bronze, the pedestal is made of granite, the authors of the project are the artist Salavat Shcherbakov and the sculptor Igor Voskresensky. In addition to the figure of Prince Vladimir, there are also three bas-reliefs.

Originally intended to build a sculpture on the Vorobievy Gory, which caused a sharp public outcry. In addition, the geological situation did not allow it.

To take into account the opinion of Muscovites, the place for construction was chosen by voting in the mobile application "Active Citizen". Of the three options proposed (Borovitskaya, Lubyanskaya Square or Zaryadye Park), the first option gained the most votes.

During the controversy, there were also concerns that the construction of the monument along with other construction works in the Moscow Kremlin conservation zone put the Kremlin at risk of being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage List.

However, reports on the construction of the monument, sent to UNESCO, according to Federal Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, fully satisfied the organization.

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