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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Khudozhestvenny Cinema
Walking along Arbat streets, at the end of the street, across the road from the Praga restaurant, you see an outwardly unremarkable building with big letters on the top – Кинотеатр Художественный.

The Khudozhestvenny cinema is the oldest cinema in Moscow, one of the oldest in the world and one of the few existing cinemas with a hundred-year history. Located on Arbat Square. It was opened in November 1909.

The original name of the cinema was "Art Electro-Theater". Initially, the architect Nikolai Blagoveshchensky designed the building with a hall for 400 people. The first film show took place on November 11, 1909, it was the premiere of the movie "Georgette".

Three years later, it became clear that the theater does not accommodate everyone. The famous architect F. Shekhtel rebuilt the cinema.

During its history, the building was repeatedly subjected to restructuring, restoration, reconstruction, was under bombing during the war and had to be demolished, but survived only thanks to the protests of actors and directors.

In 2009, the cinema celebrated its centenary. On the anniversary in the lobby, a monument was opened to the first movie ticket, the owner of which was a man who watched "Georgette" movie.

The modern cinema "Khudozhestvenny" refers to the state-owned company "Moscow Cinema". It has two comfortable cinema halls: Big and Small, with a total capacity of over 650 seats.

On January 15, 2014, a solemn closing ceremony was held for major repairs, the deadlines of which were repeatedly postponed.

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