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Sights to see 17.08.2019
House on the Embankment
House on the Embankment (Moscow) – what is it famous for?

This 12-storey building on Serafimovich St., covers a great area of about 3 acres. House on the Embankment is its most popular name. Official names were House of the Government or the House of the CEC and SNK of the USSR.

It was built in 1931 specially for the leading USSR party elite and became home for famous scientists, World War II heroes, the heroes of Labor, famous writers and cultural figures.

Unfortunately, 700 people of the 2 thousand house inhabitants became victims of Stalin repressions during the Great Terror in the 1930s. Today here is a museum to the memory of Stalinist repression victims. It is recreated in the atmosphere of the 30s and has historical and educational value. The house is full of myths and legends.

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