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Sights to see 17.08.2019
Gorky Park
Gorky Park is the most popular park in Moscow. Until recently it was a Soviet-era amusement park, but huge investments from the city administration turned it into a modern city park like Central Park in New York, where everyone can come just to relax, having a picnic right on the lawn, or work on a laptop, sitting comfortably on padded stools and hammocks. However finding peace and unity with nature is a bit difficult here: life rages even on weekdays, especially in summer.

So what are the best things to do here?
  • Dine al fresco in one of the shady restaurants. For example, try traditional soup pho bo in Bổ (, a popular chain Vietnamese restaurant.
  • Attend Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (@garagemca). Museum’s program of exhibitions, events, education, research, and publishing reflects Russian and international culture.
  • Play ping pong or tennis. 40 tables and 2 tennis courts are for your use. You’ll just need to book ahead for both ping pong and tennis.
  • Join Vans and Puma Social Clubs. Skate parks, including ramps, rails, boxes and half-pipes are favourite hangout places for young skaters.
  • Take dance classes on the Dance Platform near the river. The park offers free dance classes for the ones who want to learn how to dance tango, zumba, valse as well as Brazilian, Spanish or Irish dances.
  • By the way, on August 12, Gorky Park was 90 years old! A large-scale festive festival took place in the Park to celebrate this event.

Rosary in Gorky Park

If you are planning to visit Moscow next summer, do not miss the historic Rosary in Gorky Park.

The rosary project, created in 1930, was awarded the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris (1937).

The modern version of the rose garden was restored in 2013 based on archival photographs. It has the same planning structure, the same rotundas, stairs, arches and benches.

Different rose varieties were brought from all over the world specially for Gorky Park. Even the flower planting scheme matches the one of the 1930s.

Full immersion in the middle of the last century is guaranteed.

The first Museum of the History of Gorky Park

The museum was opened in the arch of the Main Entrance, its area is about 150 m2.

The exhibition "Gorky Park. The beginning” is an opportunity to look at the Park through the eyes of the person who created it. The saturation of the actual material and interactivity makes the exposition of the museum universal - it can be interesting to visitors of different ages.

On the roof of the museum, there is an observation deck on with binoculars a with a magnification of 25x. During the day, through you can clearly see the alleys of the park, the First City Hospital, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Stalinsky skyscrapers and the Crimean Bridge.

The Gorky Park Museum and the observation deck are open to visitors from 10:00 to 23:00 (ticket offices open until 22:00) every day except Monday.
Tickets: 300 rubles

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