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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Flacon Design Factory
Flacon design factory unites under its roofs people who cannot imagine their existence without creativity and design, eager to create and experiment. The space has its own “inhabitants” - shops, studios, communities and educational centers, and its sites regularly host multi-format events.

A design factory appeared on the territory of the former crystal glass factory and became a pioneer in the revitalization of the industrial zone outside the historical buildings of Moscow.

The initial lack of framework largely determined its specificity. “Flacon” has become a powerful platform for the development of young projects, the self-expression of creative individuals and the implementation of socio-cultural initiatives. It is not by chance that the atmosphere of “Flacon” fully corresponds to its motto: “Do what you want!”

The complex annually hosts events to celebrate the day of the city, thematic and gastronomic festivals.

In 2011, in the Russian version of Forbes magazine, the company was included in the list of 14 projects that changed the face of Moscow for the better over the past 20 years.

Moscow, Dmitrovskaya metro st, B. Novodmitrovskaya, 36

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