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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Egg House
Walking through the streets of Moscow, you never know which building you can stumble around the next turn.

So, for example, in the center of the capital, on Mashkov street, one of the most original buildings of the capital is located – the Egg-House. Another name is a souvenir house or a provocation house.

The Egg-House was built in the shape of an Easter egg. Its area is as much as 342 sq.m. The house has five rooms, decorated in an expensive classic style.

The egg house was built in 2002 according to the design of architects Sergey Tkachenko and Oleg Dubrovsky.

The new building caused a considerable resonance in society. Some were delighted with the construction, others were perplexed, and still others were categorically against such a “masterpiece of architecture”.

Whatever it was, the souvenir house has become a popular Sight in Moscow.

Moscow, Mashkova street 1/11

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