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Sights to see 18.08.2019
Boulevard Ring
The Boulevard Ring is a nicely organized chain of 10 boulevards making a semi-circle along the Moscow historical city center.

Why is the semi-ring called a ring instead? The fact that the ring is incomplete is easy to explain: its layout goes close to the Moskva River, which doesn’t let the ring go complete.

The Ring replaced the medieval walls of the White City in the 1820s. The wall itself was raised in 1760, and the area was soon built over with private and state property. The Fire of Moscow destroyed many of those buildings, allowing the city planners to replace them with wide green boulevards.

Here are the boulevards to walk along, when you visit Moscow: Gogolevsky, Nikitsky, Tverskoy, Strastnoy, Rozhdestvensky. Yauzsky, Pokrovsky, Chistoprudny, Sretensky and Petrovky.

Each of them is named after the famous places and sights located right there or nearby. You will get excited to learn more about the history of these beautifully arranged streets: events that happened here and people who lived or worked here. Take your time and rest on the bench watching passers-by and transport. The Boulevard Ring can show you how the city breathes.

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