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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Bolotnaya Embankment
For lovers of nightlife and noisy parties, one of the most popular places is Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow.

The atmosphere here is created by loud music, fiery DJ sets, high-quality sound equipment, as well as numerous strobe lights and lasers.

The bar list offers a wide range of cocktails, shots, wines and spirits. Fans of dancing will be able to go to the dance floor or take part in exciting shows. Nightclubs such as ICON, Gipsy Bar or Rolling Stone Bar always have a festive atmosphere and fun. The length of the embankment is just over one kilometer.

On the site, where the Bolotnaya Embankment is now located, in the winter, trading was held in the fifteenth century. For the entertainment of the public, fistfights were organized nearby.

Later, a large power plant was built - it supplied the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with electricity. So, this place has acquired its economic and industrial importance.

New history of the Bolotnaya embankment began in the late twentieth century. In 1999, the district decided to reconstruct, many of the buildings that had become useless were torn down, and the territory was landscaped.

In addition to the plenty amount of nightclubs, this place is a very picturesque corner in the center of Moscow, quite suitable for romantic walks.

The nearest metro stations are Polyanka and Tretyakovskaya.

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