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Sights to see 18.08.2019
Belomorskaya Metro Station
The name of the metro station was given by the street with the same name. Due to the location of the object on the north of Moscow, it was decided to call the street after the northern geographical objects of Russia - the White Sea and the White Sea-Baltic Canal. The White Sea until the 18th century was Russia's main trade route to Europe. In 1931 - 1933, the White Sea-Baltic Canal was laid from the White Sea to Lake Onega.

Special attention deserves the design of the station. The facades of the aboveground structures will have a green color characteristic of the Zamoskvoretskaya line. The inscription with the name of the station on the platform will be also placed in a strip of green.

The interiors will remind you of the nature of the White Sea. Suspended ceilings in aquamarine will cause associations with the sea, and columns and walls lined with white marble from the Polotsk remind of snow. The floors are covered with gray "Siberian" granite.

White marble for columns and walls will be also used to finish the passenger lobby. LED strips will be placed behind the mesh ceiling on a dark blue background of a painted concrete ceiling, so passengers will be able to admire the Nothern Lights without leaving the capital.

Belomorskaya was not originally included in the construction plan, but at the request of the residents of the district, the authorities found a place for it.

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