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Sights to see 21.09.2019
ARMA Business Quarter in Moscow
Just a few years ago ARMA was a half-abandoned factory site. Now it is one of the most fashionable places in Moscow. There are nightclubs, cafes and shops.
ARMA is the former Moscow Gas Plant, which was built in 1865 by an English entrepreneur. The initial task was to provide gas to 3,000 lamps illuminating the streets of Moscow.

In the Soviet years, the Gas Plant was an enterprise of national importance and until the middle of the 20th century provided gas to the entire capital. In 2002, production stopped, and tenants began to populate the empty workshops of the plant.

Gradually, the former factory becomes a place of attraction for creative people. Studios of fashion designers and showrooms of famous clothing brands opened here. The clubs "Gazgolder" and "7 095 Art" appeared. That is how the so-called “creative quarter” formed.

What to do at ARMA now?
✅ See four round-shaped gazgolders, turned into office centers;

✅ Visit one of the concerts in the Gazgolder Club (Address: Nizhny Susalny st., 5, bld. 3a);

✅ Try one of 40 sorts of coffee in OMG Coffee Café (Address: Nizhny Susalny st., 5, bld. 10);

✅ Find your favorite restaurant among of more than 20 local establishment. You chose traditional Georgian cuisine in Hinkalnaya, treat yourself with a nice dessert in cozy Sladkoye Nesladkoye, or have a glass of craft beer in Poet Brewery&Bar.

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