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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Andronnikov Monastery
The Savior Cathedral of the Andronikov Monastery is an Orthodox church, which is also a monument of architecture of the XV century. This is the oldest Orthodox monastery in Moscow, which has been preserved partially to nawadays.

It is located outside the Moscow Kremlin. The temple was founded in 1357, and originally it was wooden. After the fire in 1358, the Savior Cathedral was rebuilt again, and again later, between 1390 and 1427, to become white-stone. Such outstanding artists as Daniel Cherny and Andrei Rublev painted this temple.

But, unfortunately, only fragments of the former magnificence of the frescoes remained. The monastery had significant changes in the 19th century and was partially restored after the destruction in 1812. In 1837, the artist Zhukov personally painted the cathedral.

Andronevskaya Square, 10, Moscow, metro Ploschad Ilyicha, Rimskaya, Chkalovskaya

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