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Sights to see 20.08.2019
Serednikovo Manor
Serednikovo Manor is located 40 kilometers from the capital, in Solnechnogorsk area. There are 16 buildings in total. All of them were built in the 18th century. A beautiful park surrounds the main house covering the total area of 99 hectares.

The estate saw many great Russian people. F.Shaljapin and S.Rachmaninov, V.Serov and K.Yuon were among the numerous guests. Stolypin, a prominent statesman of the Russian Empire, spent his childhood here.

However, for literature lovers, the estate is known as a place where Mikhail Lermontov, still very young, spent his summer holidays. Those days had a significant impact on his work. Young people staying here enjoyed life: they walked, boated, read poems, sang and, of course, fell in love. 16-year-old Lermontov could not escape this fate and was fascinated by the large black eyes of Catherine Sushkova. In total, the poet dedicated 11 poems to Ekaterina Sushkova.

After the October Revolution, Serednikovo was nationalized. For a long time, the Mtsyri tuberculosis sanatorium was located here; nobody paid attention to the old interiors. By the end of the 20th century, the manor became neglected.
It was later restored by National Lermontov Center which rented the estate in 1992.

However, the original interiors of the manor were almost not preserved. Everything was restored according to eyewitnesses.

Nowdays you can get into the main house a guided tour. On the first floor, there is an exposition dedicated to the Lermontov family, his Scottish ancestor Thomas Lermont and the founder of the Russian branch of the family - George Lermont, who was in the service of Tsar Mikhail Romanov.

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