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Sights to see 19.08.2019
Pastila Museum in Kolomna
Pastila (which is the local name for marshmallow) is Kolomna’s trademark!

There is no way you can have a good idea of Kolomna, a small town in Moscow region, without tasting the treats and visiting the most interesting Pastila Museum!

In fact, there are two pastila museums in Kolomna and both are worth visiting. In the first one, housed in a two-room building (in Posadskaya street), you will be able to learn how pastila came to be produced in Kolomna and have tea with the marshmallow, which is extremely delicious!

As for the Pastila Factory Museum in Polyanskaya street (some 300 meters away), it is simply gorgeous and a total must-visit! The costume performance is beyond praise! The people look, act and talk as if they have been copy-pasted from the 19th century, and the whole atmosphere suggests the same. You will also be able to see the manufacturing process, as well as take part in the master class and cook pastila yourself!

Make sure to buy the Kolomna marshmallow in the museum shops — the pastila there is the most delicious and unique, the best in town! 

And book your visit in advance — the museums are very popular!

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