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Sights to see 19.08.2019
Kolomna is one of the oldest towns in Moscow Region, Lying on the Oka river. Its history dates back to the 12th century and it has still preserved its beautiful ancient charm.

A 3-hour drive by car or a 2,5-hour one by train from Moscow is definitely worth visiting Kolomna! After the bustle and hustle of the mega-city, this fairy-tale town seems to be preserved in time.

One of the main attractions in Kolomna is its red-brick Kremlin (yes, just like the one in Moscow!) that was built as a citadel in the 16th century. The closer to the Kremlin, the more interesting the town grows. Charming old houses, numerous churches and cathedrals make you feel the Russian spirit to the fullest. There are also open-air events held in the main square.

The souvenir shops inside the Kremlin walls offer local honey and delicious Kolomna marshmallow (pastila). There is also a bakery with great kolaches just outside the main entrance (come right after 10 a.m. to buy them right out of the oven!).

Obviously, Kolomna tries very hard to be included in the “Golden Ring” cities that feature unique Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries. It is really a wonder it is not one of them yet!

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