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Sights to see 19.08.2019
Kalachnaya Museum in Kolomna
The Kalachnaya Museum in Kolomna, which is, in fact, a museum and bakery in one, was founded as part of the project aimed at reviving traditional Russian crafts.

The main exponent here is not material — it’s a process. You will be able to see all the stages of kalach baking right in front of you and even roll one yourself!

The event is organized in the form of an educational and entertaining costume show. You really get the feeling of actually being in an old Russian bakery! Especially as it located in a 19th century historic building and the oven is built according to the old plans.

You will surely love the tea-drinking part of the event. The fresh-baked kalaches taste wonderful! Just don’t forget to spread some butter on them for still better taste!

You can also buy some kalaches to eat later. They are very popular, so don’t be too slow, or you’ll miss out!

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