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Sights to see 23.08.2019
Gorki Leninskiye
Located in a 20-minute ride from Moscow, the Gorky Leninskiye (Lenin Hills) is a large museum-reserve comprising several buildings and surrounded by a vast park. It was here that the proletariat world leader spent his last years and died.

The museum collection numbers around 6,000 unique pieces of furniture, paintings, sculptures and other art works of the late 18th — early 20th centuries.

You will also see a lot of Lenin’s personal possessions including the bed where he died on the January 21st, 1924. Note also the massive(!) number of books that used to belong to the Soviet leader.

It is interesting that Lenin’s Kremlin study and apartment were moved here from the Moscow Kremlin in the 1990-s. But their original appearance has been completely preserved!

One more highlight of the place, which may come as sort of a surprise, is a half-track Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost that Lenin used to drive while he lived in the place.

The surrounding park with its old trees (the oldest one, an elm, is around 400 years old!) and ponds is a great place for scenic walks.

If you are still not sure if you should visit the place, consider the fact that the reserve also boasts the so-called ‘Lenin’s Parthenon’ and ‘Kinogorod’ (free of charge!) with charming movie sets that will take you back to the 19th century. Would you like to learn more about it?


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One of the less known landmarks of the Gorky Leninskiye Museum-Reserve is Kinogorod. Since it appeared only several years ago and is not widely advertised, many people don’t really know it’s there. So much the better for those who are lucky enough to come across it! They can enjoy walking around the place by themselves or accompanied by only a few other visitors.

Kinogorod is really something to look at! Made up of movie props that restore the atmosphere of a small 19th-century Russian town, it really has the spirit and the charm of the old times.

The streets of the ‘Movie Town’ are lined with old houses, shops and offices. There is also a hotel, a church and a railway station. In some alleys and byways, you will see wooden huts, barns and carts…

Everything feels very real, like you are actually there, in the old times! The entrance is free!

Kinogorod was used as a film venue for a number of movies and TV series. You may even see a film shooting if you are lucky! Anyway, great photos are guaranteed!

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