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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Dyutkovo Village near Zvenigorod (Moscow Area)
If you do decide to go to Zvenigorod, be sure to visit the small village Dyutkovo and you will not regret.

The village Dyutkovo is located in a picturesque corner on the bank of the small river Storozhka and Called by the name of the first owner Fyodor Dyudka. The village first mentioned in documents in 1558.

In the nineteenth century, a weaving factory operated for some time in the village. After the closure of the weaving factory in the late XIX - early XX centuries, Dyutkovo becomes a dacha (villa) area.

Here were many representatives of the music world; but also in the 1880s, Levitan who was resting nearby in Savvinskaya settlement, used to visit Dyutkovo. Impressions of the picturesque surroundings of Dyutkovo were reflected in his works of this period.

Besides, artists like Arkhipov and Savrasov were here.

Attractions of this place are the location of the village itself, slopes with coniferous forests, resembling Swiss scenery, the mountain "Olympus" or "Taneyev precipice", which offers a beautiful view of the village, where the composer Taneyev liked to rest, and the house in which he lived and died.

By the way, this house is still preserved and since 1991 opened as a Museum, where a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of S.I. Taneyev.

Here you can get acquainted with the biography of the outstanding musician and the history of the glorious Taneyev family; listen to Taneyev's music, learn about his surroundings and work.

Moscow region, Zvenigorod, the district Dutkovo, 23a.
OPEN: Wed-Sun 10:00-17:00

Horse Courtyard


If you prefer outdoor activities, in the village of Dyutkovo in one of the old houses built in the beginning of the 19th century there is a equestrian yard. Here you can ride the Akhal-Teke horses and spend an unforgettable time in a corner secluded from civilization.

In the equestrian courtyard, you will pick up a horse, according to your riding experience. If you are confidently sitting in the saddle, you will be lucky to ride on the great great great granddaughter of the stallion, on which Marshal Zhukov took the parade of the victory of 1945.

Then you will go along picturesque forest routes, where were filmed scenes of the famous film directed by Tarkovsky “Solaris”, as well as the fairy tale Morozko.

After horseback riding, it will be possible to draw water from one of the local sources and to visit the stable - to get acquainted with horses, camel and goats, if desired, to feed and take pictures next to the horse and with other animals of the farm.

The price from 1000₽, depends on the activity you choose (learning bourse riding, tour to the forest with instructor, etc.)
Village Dyutkovo, 10

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