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Sights to see 25.08.2019
Dmitrov is an old small town located in a 40-minutes ride to the north from Moscow.

Founded in 1154, it (arguably) belongs to the ‘Golden Ring’ cities and boasts many historical landmarks. Most of them are part of the Museum-Reserve Dmitrov Kremlin complex aka the City Museum.

The museum is 100 years old and its twelve building are scattered around the town. The most prominent of them is the Uspensky Cathedral built around 1512.

In various exhibition halls of the City Museum you can see collections of items related to the town’s history, such as icons, wooden sculptures, kitchen utilities, china, furniture, paintings, arms, books, textiles, and documents. You can also learn about Dmitrov gingerbread (pryaniks) and even try some.

As for the Kremlin itself, it is in fact no more a Kremlin as such. The initial wooden fortifications have long been destroyed and now the buildings are surrounded only by earthen berms. Make sure to climb the berms — the views from there are fantastic! Note that the Kremlin is closed on Monday and Tuesday. (But you can still climb the berms and take great photos)

One more ‘not to miss’ sights of Dmitrov is the pedestrian Kropotkinskaya Street lined with most interesting sculptures of the 19th century townspeople. Each sculpture tells its own story (described in English as well).

The orthodox male Boris and Gleb Monastery is an absolute must-visit, too. The 15th-century buildings are strikingly beautiful and very well-maintained. If you want a calm and peaceful experience, this is the place to go. The interiors take your breath away and outside you can watch gigantic fish swimming in a small pond and peacocks walking around. You can also have a delicious meal at the monastery canteen.

Dmitrov is a lovely charming town. Make sure to plan a visit!

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