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Sights to see 16.08.2019
Kudykina Gora Safari-Park
Want to find yourself in a Russian fairy tale? Visit Kudykina Gora, a wonderful safari park in a beautiful countryside! Located 40 km from Lipetsk (around 400 km from Moscow), by the River Don, it offers all kinds of wonders!

A fortress built according to an old plan, giant sculptures that suddenly come alive, interactive installations, healing springs with crystal clear water, a lot of animals — these are only some of the park’s highlights!

Kudykina Gora occupies a huge territory that includes a lake with a beach, a big playground for children, plenty of souvenir stalls, a zoo, comfortable guest houses, a café, and what not!

You can ride a camel, learn to do something new at master classes (held on Sundays) and see the giant Zmej Gorynych spew flames!

To say nothing of great views and fresh air!
The admission is free! Do not hesitate to plan your visit!

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