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Sights to see 11.08.2020
The Tree of Friendship
If you like unusual sights, then here is one of those in Sochi.

The history of the Tree of Friendship began with a single tree planted in 1934 by Soviet scientist F. M. Zorin.

He wanted to produce a cold-resistant citrus tree, so he grafted several varieties of different citrus fruits together with the wild lemon tree: Japanese tangerines, Spanish oranges, American grapefruits and others.

A few years later, Russian and international tourists coming to Sochi began to do the same.

Now more than 630 delegations from 167 countries have grafted the tree. In 1957, it was named the Tree of Friendship and became a symbol of the unity of peoples.

If you happen to be in Sochi, you will most likely find some soil brought from your country in the local Museum of Friendship, which is as nice as the tree itself.

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