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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Sochi Arboretum
The Sochi Arboretum is the ‘green heart’ of the Sochi resort area is surely worth a visit. From pines to palms, the ‘dendrarium’ boasts lots of plant species brought from all over the world.

Start your tour from a ride in a cable car — it will take you to the highest point of the garden — and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, mountains and the Black Sea on your way! On disembarking in the upper part of the arboretum, you will see a lot of exotic plants — magnolias, tulip trees, sakuras, and the like. Although they have got used to their new environment and feel at home here, many of them tend to bloom at the exact same time their faraway relatives do. This ensures the garden is in bloom all the year round! You will also find beautiful statues and fountains here.

To get to the second, lower part of the arboretum, you will have to cross the street. Make sure you have your ticket with you, so you could show it when entering the garden again. The lower part is quite interesting, too. It is home to different animals including ostriches, peacocks and black swans. There is also a charming lake here inhabited by ducks, geese and river rats who seem to get along quite well and live in peace.

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