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Sights to see 23.08.2019
These breathtaking pictures are taken in Sochi Skypark. It is located 11 km from Adler and at an altitude of 330 m above sea level.

The park is literally full of wonders. What to see there?

Skybridge. One of the longest (439 m) and safest suspension bridges in the world. There are unforgettable views from the two panoramic sites: to the Caucasus Mountains and to the Black Sea coast.

Bungy 207. You go out into the middle of the Skybridge Bridge, look around the sights and ... dive upside down in the gorge.

Megatroll. One step into the unknown - and the wind picks you up and rushes you forward like a soaring bird. The maximum speed is 120 km / h.

Mowgli (open only during summer-season). In the shadow of the forest, various routes with obstacles are laid between the trees. This will return any adult to the childhood.

Via Ferrata. This rock-climbing route leads to a small, but very beautiful cave, located in the rock wall of the Ahshtyr gorge. The route has two parts: a smoothly descending, almost horizontal, and vertical “difficult” part.

To take a break between adventures you can have lunch in one of the park's panoramic restaurants.

Skypark is open everyday from 10-00 to 17-30.

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