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Sights to see 21.08.2019
Roza Khutor
One of the newest and most rapidly growing ski resorts in the world, Rosa Khutor is located 50 km from the city of Sochi — the one that hosted 2014 Winter Olympics.

It will be safe to say that the 5-year winner of the World Ski Awards is well on par with many Alpine ski resorts.

Rosa Khutor boasts newly built and top-quality facilities including hotels, restaurants, shops, ski tracks, walking routes, cableways and an indoor aquapark.

One of the resort’s major highlights is its extremely beautiful pure nature. The mountains, the sea, the forest and the waterfalls are amazing, and the air is so fresh you can taste it! Make sure to go to the highest Rosa Peak (2,320 meters high!) in a cable car, the views on the mountains are breathtaking!

If you are a skier, you will enjoy the great slopes, and they make new runs all the time! On weekends, they may be a little crowded, so come on weekdays if you can.

Rosa Khutor is a great place to visit — for everyone and in every season. Do not hesitate to come, you will not regret it!

 Rosa Khutor, the most popular ski resort in Sochi, boasts the longest cableway to its highest summit — Rosa Peak. To get there, you will have to take several lifts in enclosed cable cars. This may feel scary at times, but the views are well worth it! Clouds between the mountains, snow on the peaks, cattle grazing… Fantastic! Also, remember that the lifts are brand new and very safe.

The stops on your way to the peak are all remarkable, too. For instance, Rosa Plato (1,170 m high) is the place where athletes used to live during the Sochi Olympics, while Panda Sky Park (1,350 m high) is a great adventure park where you can have wonderful time with kids.

When you finally get to Rosa Peak (2,320 m), prepare to a significant drop in temperature. If below it was +27°C, here, at the highest mountain top, the temperature may be as low as +6°C. So, it is a good idea to take some warm clothes along. However, the breathtaking views will compensate for this small inconvenience!

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