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Sights to see 24.08.2019
Old Park in Kabardinka
Chekhov, the famous Russian writer, once said, ‘If everyone did the best they could with their piece of land, what a beautiful place our Earth would be…’ It was these words that inspired the architect Alexander Alexeev to create the Old Park, a wonderful ‘piece of land’ in Gelendzhik.

Located in Kabardinka area, the ‘Old Park’ is in fact not old at all — it was built in 2007. The idea was to bring into a single ensemble different times and architectural styles. Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Classicism, Gothic — you will see it all here. And it’s not just about the structures and forms — it’s about the spirit, the mood, and the philosophy of the place.

The Old Park is smothered in greenery and flowers. Beautiful exotic plants, intoxicating aroma of juniper, charming fountains, benches, creeks and bridges crowned with the amazing architecture will make you fall in love with the place! And there is a theater there, too! No wonder the Old Park is very popular. For the entrance fee of 250 rubles, you will get an unforgettable experience and take great pictures!

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