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Sights to see 24.08.2019
The ancient city of Krasnodar was initially formed as a military camp by Kuban Cossacks. Nowadays it is a capital of Kuban with a population of nearly a million. Located in southern Russia, Krasnodar boasts a warm climate, lots of greenery and proximity to a sea. It has become a popular destination for tourists as well as the place where Russian people from colder areas choose to move to spend their senior years.

The first and foremost tourist attraction in Krasnodar is Krasnaya (Red) Street which becomes pedestrian on weekends and holidays. Here you will find a lot of shops, restaurants, and historical monuments. Some of the most striking Krasnodar landmarks include the red-brick Alexander's Triumphal Arch, the magnificent bronze monument to Saint Catherine (the city’s patron saint) on a bell-shaped pedestal, the Shukhovskaya Tower (the local ‘analog’ of the Eiffel Tower), the Monument to the Kuban Cossack Army, the Monument to Catherine the Great… Note also the Sculpture of Walking Dogs which symbolizes Krasnodar being the ‘dog capital’ of Russia. And, of course, you are supposed to pet the dogs for good luck.

Nature lovers will definitely appreciate the beautiful Solnechny Ostrov (Sunny Island) which is perfect for cycling or just walking around. Another great option is Chistyakovsky Grove Park where you can feed squirrels off your hands. There are also many nice places to eat and amusement areas for children here.

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