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Sights to see 25.08.2019
Manpupunyor plateau
One of the natural wonders of Russia is located on the Manpupunyor plateau in the Trinity-Pechora region of the Komi Republic: Seven huge stone giants in height from 30 to 42 meters, which are also known as weathering pillars.

These pillars were formed during selective weathering and washing out soft rocks. Once stone sculptures were objects of the Mansi cult.

It was believed that spirits inhabited the plateau, to which only shamans were allowed to come. Manpupunyor (Man-pupu-nyor) is translated from the Mansiysk language as "Little mountain of idols".

Despite the fact that Manpupuner is located in a remote area, this place is gaining more and more fame among travelers and is becoming one of the most actively visited sports tourism facilities.

Even considering that, to get to the plateau, tourists have to walk for three days through the taiga or hire a helicopter. Do you want to know more about ancient people of Russia and their culture?

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