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Sights to see 04.09.2019
Amalienau district
If you want to travel in time and have a glimpse of Königsberg of the early 20th century, visit the charming Amalienau district! The quarter lies to the west of the city center. Lined with old Prussian villas and lush chestnut trees, it used to be home to the richer Germans of pre-WWII.

The most glamorous villas are located in Kutuzova Street. Each has an individual design and most bear the names of their former owners.

Not all of the houses are well-maintained; some of them look forlorn and are in need of renovation. Nevertheless, they are still very interesting to see.

Surely, it makes a lot of sense to explore the area with a guide to learn about fascinating histories of the villas. And if you want to have an insight into a German merchant's home of 100 years ago, visit the Altes Haus Museum in Krasnaya Street. The interior is full of most interesting authentic items typical of that epoch and very characteristic of German mentality.

Do not hesitate to visit Amalienau — there is no other place in Kaliningrad where you can feel the spirit of old Königsberg better than here!
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