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Sights to see 29.11.2019
The Golden Gate in Vladimir
Built in 1164, the Golden Gate is one of the seven original gates to Vladimir and the only one that has survived until today. The monumental structure was used as both a fortification and a triumphal arch.

The Golden Gate is located right in the heart of the city — you won’t miss it! To have a better view of the structure, climb the earthen rampart (or, rather, its remnants) across the road — great photos are guaranteed!

Inside the gate, are steep stone stairs that will take you to a small historical museum whose highlight is no doubt the animated diorama displaying the tragic events of Batu Khan’s invasion of the city.

The Golden Gate is a visiting card of Vladimir and a UNESCO heritage site. The structure is well-kept and beautifully lit at night. There is a gift shop inside and a musical fountain nearby. A total must-visit!

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